Sheffield/Rippie Exploded View 

"Exploded View" is a stand-alone piece exploring the intricacies of manipulated micro-samples by two veterans in the art of sound collage.
Sheffield and Rippie work with turntables and samplers (both vintage and modern) in their ongoing experiments with the re-contextualization of found sounds. "Exploded View" showcases the duo's focus on fragments of audio - the shards of samples broken apart and re-shuffled, like the cut-up words and letters of concrete poetry. The new forms which emerge from these re-joined particles may be both jarring and confounding. But the delicate details found at every turn of this circuitous path are gratifyingly immersive.
"Exploded View" is presented as a minimax CD in a full-color digipak with sumptuous original artwork by Bea Kwan Lim gracing every surface. From its evolving exterior, through the coursing interior, to the tumultuous core, the stunning and richly detailed visual aspects perfectly complement the audio's winding wanderlust.


releases August 2, 2019

Sheffield/Rippie: turntables, samples, & processing.
Improvised recordings - Austin, Fall 2018.
Artwork by Bea Kwan Lim (



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