August 5, 2019 Sheffield/Rippie at Volstead Austin, Tx with Sean O'Neill, Thomas Helton, Sonya Gonzales
April 5, 2019 Sheffield/Rippie at Elysium Austin, Tx with Peter Rehberg
January 20, 2018 Sheffield/ Rippie at Experimental Mediations in Taylor, Texas
October 15, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at Museum of Human Achievement Austin, TX with Kjell Bjorgeengen and Rick Reed
October 14, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at CivicTv Houston, TX with Kjell Bjorgeengen and Rick Reed
August 12, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at Nebulae Denton, Tx with Adam Pacione 
August 11, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at FMRL with Alex Keller and Sean O'Neil.
August 9, 2017 Sheffield, Rippie at 3 Door Studios Cleveland, OH with  Aaron Dilloway, Robert Turman, Alex Keller/ Sean O'Neil
August 8, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at Pretty House Dayton, OH with Alex Keller/ Sean O'Neil
August 6, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at MEME Festival Midwest Electro Music Experience (5505 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219) 
August 5, 2017 Sheffield/Rippie at Trinosophes (1464 Gratiot Avenue Detroit, MI 48207) with Alex Keller and Sean O'Neil
August 4, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at Comfort Station Chicago, IL with Alex Keller/ Sean O'Neil and Brian Case 
August 3, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at CoLaboratory in Kansas City, MO with Jason Ze
August 2, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at The Luminary St. Louis, MO with NNN Cook & Raglani (Editions Mego), Alex Keller/Sean O'Neil
July 22, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at The Museum of Human Achievement Austin, Tx with Alex Keller/Sean O'Neil, Rick Reed, Lachane, Jezzebeam
July 14, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at New Media Art & Sound Summit at the Springdale Station (Austin, Tx)
June 4, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie at The Blanton Museum of Art's Sound Space (Austin, Tx)
May 5, 2017 Sheffield/Rippie at the North Door (Austin, Texas) as part of Aural Canyon 
March 18, 2017  Sheffield/Rippie at Resistor THE Vortex (Austin, Tx) with Adam Pacione, Rick Reed++
March 11, 2017  Sheffield/Rippie SXSW show at HOTEL VEGAS (Austin, Tx) with Deep Cross++
February 18, 2017 Sheffield/ Rippie  at FULL CITY ROOSTER LISTENING ROOM (Dallas, Tx) A DAMN event with CHAD MOSSHOLDER & CINEMA++
February 6, 2017 Sheffield/Rippie at The Volstead (Austin, Tx) with MOIST FLESH++
October 29, 2016 Sheffield/ Rippie at First Street Studios Austin, Tx with Jim Haynes and Rick Reed
October 22, 2016 Sheffield/Rippie at DAMN: Dallas Ambient Music Nights XIX at Dallas, TX at Crown and Harp with Robert Turman
October 21, 2016 Sheffield/ Rippie at CoLAB Austin, Tx with Robert Turman
September 26, 2016 Sheffield/ Rippie at The Volstead, (Austin, Tx)
September 19, 2016 Sheffield/Rippie at Museum of Human Achievement (Austin, Tx) with Joe Adamik
August 6, 2016 Sheffield/Rippie at Museum of Human Achievement (Austin, Tx) with Skullcaster, JT Whitfield, and Thomas Bey William Bailey
June 23, 2016 Sheffield/ Rippie at New Media Art & Sound Summit NMASS Festival (Austin, Tx) 
March 4, 2007 solo set at Notsuoh Houston, Tx with Bobby Conn
September 2006 erikm/james eck rippie at Festival Mediarte Monterrey Mexico
May 25, 2005 solo set at The Station Museum, Houston Tx for Hermann Nitsch: Orgies Mysteries Theatre with Rick Reed,Aaron Dilloway++
March 12, 2005 Sheffield/ Rippie at the Dallas Contemporary with Chris Cutler
July 11, 2003 solo set at Dallas Contemporary with Cinders ++
December 21, 2002 Sheffield/ Rippie at the Dallas Contemporary with Fequency Curtian ++
December 7, 2001 Sheffield/Rippie at Stereo On Strike Dan's Bar (Denton, Tx)
March 20, 2001 Sheffield/ Rippie (as Ripple) at Rubber Gloves (Denton, Tx)
March 13, 2001 Sheffield/Rippie (as Ripple) at Johnny Laws (Denton, Tx) with Early Day Miners