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Sheffield/ Rippie Exploded View CD 2019 (Elevator Bath Records) View
Sheffield/ Rippie 
Essential Anatomies Double LP 2017(Elevator Bath Records) Veiw
Sheffield/ Rippie Essential Anatomies 1&2 Cassette 2016(Elevator Bath Records)
Sheffield/ Rippie Essential Anatomies 3&4 Cassette 2017 (Elevator Bath Records)
Sheffield/Rippie|Rick Reed split Cassette 2017(Somatic Records) View
Sheffield/Rippie Polarities Cassette (Tanuki Records) View
Sheffield/Rippie Sleeping Arrangements CDr 2002 ((Elevator Bath Records)
Sheffield/Rippie Vessel CDr 2002(Elevator Bath Records)
Sheffield/ RippieVariations LP 2001 (Elevator Bath Records)


Brekekekexkoaxkoax -
Drone Works CD 2017 (Earthwalker Recordings)
Pawel Grabowski / The Beautiful Schizophonic / James Eck Rippie & Paulo Raposo - Product 06 ‎CD (Cronica Records)
James Eck Rippie & eRikm - Untitled(Four Turntables in Mexico) ‎/File, MP3, 160/ 2007 (Crónica Crónicast 02) 2007


A Cleansing Ascension
CD 2008 (Elevator Bath Records)
Essays on Radio CD 2005 (Cronica Records)
Essays on Radio DVD 2005 (Cronica Records)
Untitled Songs:49 Years of Gesang Der Junglinge 2005 (Sirr Records)
(Performances at)Hermann Nitsch: The Orgies Mysteries Theater CDr 2005 (The Station Museum) 


Crónicast 118 ‎digital 2015 (Crónica Records)
digital 2008 (Cronica Records)
Secret Thirteen 026 digital 2012 (Secret Thirteen Journal)