Sound/Visual Art Exhibitions

  • {March 2018} Sonic Annotations: Space, Pause, Repetition with group, Faculdade de Belas Artes Universidade do Porto Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, Porto, Portugal

  • {November 2010} Radio, video/sound (with Ran Slavin) LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music, King’s Place, London, England

  • {November 2005} Radio, video/sound (with Ran Slavin) Imagens Projectadas, Sala Polivalente do Centro de Arte Moderna, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal {May 2004} Perceiving Music: Problems In Sight & Sound, sound installation, The Stray Show, Chicago, Illinois

  • {July 2004} A Vestigial Portrait: music for record ends and turntable feedback, headphones/sound, The Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

  • {July 2003} A Portrait of a Young Star, pen/ink, The Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

  • {June 2003} Sleeping Arrangements with Colin Andrew Sheffield, sound installation, Plush Gallery, Dallas, Texas

  • {June 2003} A Vestigial Portrait: a collage for meat and dead space, The Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

  • {May 2003} Perceiving Music: Problems In Sight & Sound, sound installation, Commerce Street Artist’s Warehouse, Houston, Texas
  • {March 2003} No Title #2 with Xinpeng Chen, sculpture, installation & performance, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas      
  • {March 2003} No Title #1 with Xinpeng Chen, sculpture/installation/performance, 500X, Dallas, Texas

  • {February 2003} Perceiving Music: Problems In Sight & Sound, sound installation, The Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

  • {January 2003} wht will yu do whn the nvlty is gne?, sound/video, Plush Gallery, Dallas, Texas

  • {May 2002} Black Transmission, sculpture/sound installation, 500X, Dallas, Texas

  • {June 2001} Sysmentalism, photograph/brass, Building Blocks Exhibit, The Contemporary, Dallas, Texas

March 24, 2018
Group Sound Collaboration
Anotações Sonoras: Espaço, Pausa, Repetição oMuseu
Faculdade de Belas Artes Universidade do Porto Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, 265, 4049-021 Porto, Portugal

The Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto invites you for the opening of the exhibition Sonic Annotations: Space, Pause, Repetition, Friday, 23rd of March at 6 pm. A sound installation by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhaiswith contributions by invited artists. The installation uses all of the gallery space creating a listening area encircled by multiple sound sources establishing a connection with the architecture. The exhibition will be running until June 30, 2018.

Autores · Artists

Alex FX · Alexander Rishaug · André Gonçalves · Andreas Trobollowitsch ·Artificial Memory Trace · Arturas Bumšteinas · Attilio Novellino · Carlos Santos · Carlos Zingaro · Cem Güney · Dan Powell · David Lee Myers ·Diana Combo ·Durán Vázquez · Emídio Buchinho · Emmanuel Mieville ·Enrico Ascoli · Enrico Coniglio · Astrid & Ephraim Wegner · Haarvöl·Freiband · Gintas Kraptavicius · Graeme Truslove · Hugo Paquete · Ifs · James Eck Rippie · Janek Schaefer · Jazznoize · Jim Haynes · Jonathan Uliel Saldanha · Jörg Piringer · Jos Smolders · Lawrence English · Luca Forcucci · Maile Costa Colbert · Marc Behrens · Martijn Tellinga · Mikel R. Nieto · Mise en Scene · Monty Adkins · Morten Riis · paL · Ran Slavin ·Richard Eigner · Saverio Rosi · Simon Whetham · Sound Meccano · Stephen Vitiello · STURQEN · Tamtam · Tuulikki Bartosik · Ulrich Mitzlaff ·Vitor Joaquim · Yiorgis Sakellariou Entrada livre · Free entrance Ter – Sáb. · Tue. – Sat. | 14h30 – 18h30 Av. Rodrigues de Freitas, 265, Porto

November 2010 
"Radio" audio/video
LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music

Festival including: Jenni Roditi (UK), Andrew Poppy (UK), Nive Nielsen (Greenland), Tanya Tagaq (Canada), Lorcán Mac Mathúna (Ireland), Tri a Tolia (Turkey, Iraq, Belgium), Lonely China Day (China), Mabrouk Band (Israel), Shira U’tfila (Serbia), Cukunft (Poland), Coletivo Rádio Cipó (Brazil), Madame Mim (Brazil), Da Cruz (Brazil), Midori Hirano (Japan), Oorutaichi (Japan), DJ Scotch Egg (Japan) Videos by: Maile Colbert (USA), THOMAS KÖNER (GERMANY), Johnny Dekam (USA), Ran Slavin (Israel), João Vasco Paiva (Portugal), Yann Novak (USA), Wyndel Hunt/Thom Heileson (USA), Frank Bretschneider (Germany), Alan Callander (USA), CHRIS CARTER (UK) + COSEY FANNI TUTTI (UK), Sue Costabile (USA), Evelina Domnitch (Belarus) + Dmitry Gelfand (Russia), Mark Fell (UK) + Ernest Edmonds (Australia), Tina Frank (Austria) + General Magic (Austria), Ryoichi Kurokawa (Japan), Steve Roden (USA), Sawako (Japan), Bas Van Koolwijk (Netherlands), Jan Robert Leegte (Netherlands) / Boca Raton (Netherlands), Nuno Tudela (Portugal)/ Pedro Tudela (Portugal), Return (Portugal) / Pita (UK), Ran Slavin (Israel), Ok.Suitcase (Portugal), Telco Systems (Netherlands) / Longina (Spain), Lia (Austria) / @c (Portugal), Stephan Mathieu (Germany), Isabel Abreu & Rita Barbosa (Portugal) / Pal (Portugal), Return (Portugal) / Freiband (Netherlands), Tina Frank (Austria) / General Magic (Austria), Brigitta Bödenauer (Austria) / Miguel Carvalhais (Portugal), Júlio Dolbeth (Portugal) / Steinbrüchel (Switzerland), Karl Kliem (Germany) / Christine Fowler (Portugal), Maximilian Janicke (Germany) / Random Industries (Poland), Sara Kolster (Netherlands) / Pawel Grabowski (Poland), Return (Portugal) / Gintas K (Lithuania), Marius Watz (Norway) / @c (Portugal), Jörg Piringer (Austria), Sumugan Sivanesan (Australia) / Durán Vázquez (Spain), Antmanuv (Portugal), Ran Slavin (Israel) / James Eck Rippie (USA), Eric Berger (Austria) / Pure (Austria), Paulo Raposo (Portugal), Ran Slavin (Israel) / The Beautiful Schizophonic (Portugal), Horacio G (Spain) / Longina (Spain), Meta (USA)

December 2009
"10,000 Flowers" audio/video/scupture
Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale for Urbanism/Architecture
Shenzhen (CH)

"10.000 Flowers is an artistic production of 5 films projected in loop on a 20mt video wall, each screen represents one of the five inner highways of Beijing through a kaleidoscopic lens, the video is accompanied by a soundtrack by James Eck Rippie, composed of natural details recorded on site. The city’s infastrucuture was filmed from inside a car as it circled the ring roads with a custom built kaleidoscope, large enough to fit a video camera, pointed to the sky.The mesmerizing and beautiful images of Beijing’s various cross sections offer a new perspective of the frantic urban explosion of contemporary China – famous for its reckless and unsustainable planning antics – which urges viewers to contemplate on the hidden potential of this unexplored urban landscape." full description

April 2003
"No Title" 
performance/sculture/sound (collaboration with Xinpeng Chen)
500X Gallery
Dallas, TX